Sunday, April 22, 2012

Walking in the Night With Mr. Brahms

Okay, so last fall at the recital I taught the audience the little MFPA Book B song, "Knock, Knock, Beethoven". I then played the Beethoven Bagatelle from which this little snippet is taken. The audience sang along whenever this phrase was repeated. This idea ended up paying huge dividends as my young students reached that piece in their books. They all remembered singing it at the recital. So I am thinking I should do it again. MFPA books B and C introduce classical composers and they become part of the story line in the books. I think this is making a high difference in the interest my youngest students have in classical music.

   This time I am picking a lovely little piece by Brahms in 3/4 time. The evenings are warming up so walking in the night is something we might actually be doing. The little tune is hiding out around other notes in the original piece but once we hear it several times we will be able to sing along.

  None of my MFPA students have reached this piece, yet. But I am sure they will remember it when we get there. Three weeks until recital time and the pianos here are playing, for sure.

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  1. What a wonderful idea!! Kids (and adults!) really look forward to playing pieces that they've already heard, sang or danced to before. And encouraging "audience participation" at a recital makes a performance so much more fun and interactive! I'm sure that this little activity brought so much excitement to the day! Good luck as you prepare for your upcoming recital!