Friday, June 29, 2012

Beats Per Measure

The difference between having group lessons after school and in the middle of the day is astounding. My students are so much more ready to learn and ask questions. Here are the youngest mixed in with the oldest My First Adventure students doing beats per measure. 


  1. Busy B, I have been viewing your site for several months now and have never commented, but I wanted to do so today to say "thank you" for all your dedication to this site. The ideas and pictures you post show how hard you work to bring joy through music to these children.
    I am a piano teacher that has recently relocated to the Dallas area and live in a neighborhood full of young children. I know MFPA would be such a big hit here, as it is in your studio. I'm curious to know if you teach group classes every week with this method, or once a month? I'm trying to figure out how to market something like this so that it will be appealing to both children and moms. I would appreciate any insight you could offer. Thanks so much, Karen Shugart

    1. Thanks for commenting! I don't teach MFPA students every week. I do quarterly group lessons. I do however have some overlapping students and do some group activity at the beginning of one lesson and at the end of the other. This allows me time to see them one on one each week. Six of my students are now in Level One and they are some much better prepared. I value this series so much.