Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Play Every Day And Learn

       I have enjoyed pedaling my bike this summer and I learned so many things that apply to playing the piano. It helped me make up my new practice incentive. If my students log their practice minutes they may have a bicycle to pedal. For every hour of practice they can colorize their bike. 

   Things I learned while pedaling:

  •    My muscles are stronger every day
  •    I have come to know the divots and potholes on the street
  •    I have more balance and trust myself more
  •    I am trying new roads because I am more confidant
  •    I feel increased joy going down the hills because I am not afraid of the upside

How does it apply to laying the piano?

  • Your fingers get stronger every day you practice
  • You come to know your weaknesses from working every day
  • Your fingers become more confident as you repeat your pieces
  • Playing everyday encourages you try new things
  • Your joy in playing increases with success
                           Two thirds of my students have earned their thousand minutes so we are on to 
                                                          Playing Every Day And Learn

   Find the image of the bicycle here.

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