Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What Gifts Are Emerging With Piano Lessons?

   On my parent questionnaire I asked what gifts were emerging since the onset of piano lessons. I find that I see the gifts as well and I am so grateful to see them blossom. When it comes to gifts, it is my observation that they are given incompletely. I have a gift to improvise and compose but I did not get the gift to be thorough and detail oriented. I find a melody, play it and get excited and then my lack of stick-to-it-tiveism bogs me down. Notating is tedious and nerve-racking. Gifts never preclude hard work. 

   Here is a sampling of the great answers I received. As you can see composing is a gift that keeps rising to the top. 
1. He seems to have a good ear and good rhythm.
2. She can figure songs out by ear that she hears on her iPod.
3. She has always shown musical talent and she sings from her heart.
4. He is shy but the piano playing is revealing his musical gifts.
5. Both children are experimenting in other musical fields.
6. He enjoys composing and playing his own music when he has time. Music has given him confidence,
7. I remember when you asked him to improvise the first time. He only played one note. Now he makes up his own endings and he makes the music his own.
8. He is experimenting playing his own songs with chords. His confidence has grown mastering more difficult songs.
9. I found out she has even more music in her heart and head than I thought she did. She has been singing since she was very little.
10. He is creatively inspired.
11. He has improved his ability to sing in tune, can read notes, and has developed good rhythm.
12. We knew she was musically gifted but we didn't realize how steady and solid her rhythm would become.
13. She likes to compose a little of her own.
   These answers help me feel that I am on the right track to do more lead sheet work and improvising. Wish I had more time in the lessons.

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