Friday, July 22, 2011

My First Piano Adventures

       I have been blogging about using My First Piano Adventures. I started teaching from this series last summer.

My first student to use this series was 5 and I needed something before Primer Level Piano Adventures. I am very pleased with the results. J.,who started last August, is halfway through Book B.
    I feel like he has a much deeper grasp of note reading because we have approached it slowly, with incremental steps. One tool I value is the CLAP practice reminder. This week J. and I used it for each song we played. To firmly implant this tool into a child's mind it must be repeated every week. The A in the word CLAP stands for attention. It reminds the student to pay attention to what comes after the first notes. Looking ahead is such an important skill in sight reading.
   J. used these skills to perfection this week on the piece called "The Tambourine Party". I was so pleased and to add to the fun I pulled out the precise rhythm instruments mentioned in the song.
   I used the triangle as he played which made this piece feel really finished and synthesized into his heart. That is what I am looking for. Music well played and felt deeply within.

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