Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top Five I-Pad Apps For Piano Students

   So many of you piano teacher bloggers use an I-Pad these days. I purchased mine last September and have used it everyday since then. I bought it for my piano lessons and have thoroughly enjoyed it's functionality. My favorite note reading application is called Note Goal Pro.
   I have looked at many different apps but this one has a lot of options I love. It does cost a little bit but it is updated often and improves each time.
  First feature, you can have your students log in and it tracks their highest scores.
 I believe they have capacity for a least 20 students or more now. My students like finding their own name.
   This feature lists their highest scores and give me a look at what we have done before. This is a list of keys they have drilled..

Second feature; the screen has more than one note at a time. This strengthens intervalic note reading. You can adjust how many lines of music they do.
Third feature; you have choices of helps to give even your youngest student a chance to read notes.
    You can turn on colored notes to match the background of the note to play. Some students don't notice this help and others catch on right away and then I turn it off.
A blue dot can tutor them for awhile. Did you notice that you can change the keyboard size. This helps kids who don't use a touch screen much. It keeps them from leaning on other keys.
Fourth feature; You decide what notes to drill. You can do a small range of notes or the whole staff.

You can do only notes of a certain key. This allows older students to review scales and includes sharps and flats.
In review, I-Pad is a thumbs up in my studio and Note Goal Pro is usually on the screen during some part of the lesson,

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  1. Great findings Busy B and thanks for sharing your blog....I have to look into these apps.