Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Why Duets?

My second Periscope video was better. I had a good title and I felt like I reached a small audience. Here is a summary of the content of the video.

Providing a duet experience:
  1. Develops a camaraderie between students and sustains the idea of being a musician.
  2. Strengthens the importance of steady beat
  3. Allows for a safe environment to try and fail with a peer and shows how to solve musical problems together under pressure.
Duet Books

  1. Kaleidoscope Duets by Jon George
  2. Celebrated Piano Duets by Robert Vandall
  3. Dusts For Middle Beginners from Opus 149 by Anton Diabelli- Mary Beth Lewis Piano Library
  4. Duet Favorites by Jane Smisor Bastien- The Bastien Piano Library


           How to manage bringing students together

  1. Try a student neighbor overlapping lessons, even if the students are at different levels
  2. Invite siblings to play together
  3. Bring a parent in to play
  4. Teacher student duets are a mainstay for my lessons

        Next Week On Periscope I Talk About Recitals

                        January 19 at 10:30 am PST

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