Monday, August 8, 2011

5th And Last Most Used I-Pad App

  I said I would share with you the five most used I-Pad Apps and this is the fifth. I think by now I have made clear that my I-Pad is a valuable teaching tool and I do not regret purchasing it. I must include my I-Phone in this next tool review. Sometimes in the lesson time allotted time flies and there I am introducing a new piece with 5 minutes left. I know we won't have time to play this piece more than once. This is fine for those students who are independent players but there are a few who will invariably come the next week saying "I forgot the song".
  "Well", I say, "You don't need to remember the song, you can use the tools I have taught you to read the notes and rhythm."
   For these students I have come to video taping them playing the piece. I do it with my I-Phone and then I send this to their parent with instructions to play this video for them if they have trouble.

 I try to video over their head so that their hands show. My picture does not illustrate that very well. But isn't my granddaughter cute? Okay, I would have to smooth back the blond hair. I also keep the video for next week when I enjoy letting them review the last week's progress to what they have done a week later. The video opens so nicely on my I-Pad and it is a great learning tool.

  I know there will be more great apps coming along in the future but I do see that any learning tool takes up valuable lesson time. Thirty minutes is hard to stretch if I have too many activities. I have also challenged myself to be consistent in using a tool so that I can see it's value over time.

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