Sunday, August 28, 2011

Practicing Incentive This Fall

 Just like an onion has different layers of skin so a piece of music has different layers of elements to learn and perfect. This fall my students are going to practice with the intent of adding more layers to their musical artistry.
    Although tracking practice time is not an end in and of itself, I am going to keep the incentive to record the minutes we practice which we started this summer, every 100 minutes earns a chance to glue a shape, design. or sticker to a piece of posterboard. The poster will become a collage of shapes and colors; a work of art representing the layers of musicality we add as we learn a piece of music. At the fall recital we will display our project and hopefully our music will show what we have learned..
  The purpose of this incentive is to:
    1- Make student and parent aware of the length of their child's practice time
    2- To use assignment books routinely for reviewing assignments and recording practice times
    3.- To participate in a studio wide experience
Incentives to practice work for me if they take less than a minute to record and if they are inexpensive.
We will start with the first 100 minutes being shapes and basic colors. This layer is likened to playing correct notes and correct rhythm.
 As the minutes add up the shapes will be textured as dynamics add texture to the music.
Patterns on the paper will be like articulation. 
Shiny foil shapes will allow me to talk about phrasing and voicing.
Lastly, stickers will add personality as interpretation of the music is unique and individual.
I see it happening and I hope my students come on board and enjoy the art we create together.

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