Friday, August 26, 2011

Ice- Cream Group Lessons Coda

  The time for summer group lessons has past. 
I am very happy with the experiences we had and everyone loved the ice-cream. The ensemble piece was the most fun for my students. We started out by studying the short score and identifying the different staves of music. I am glad I kept the instrument parts simple and I will be able to increase the difficulty the next time.
It also worked very well to have everyone take a turn with the instruments. Playing the drums on the I-Pad Garage Band app was the coveted part.
The harder parts were the melody line and the accompaniment, harmony line. Even though the music was easy, the need to play on beat with the other instruments made everyone tentative.
I felt what a middle-school band teacher must feel as he brings beginning students together. 
The reward to see everyone engaged in a musical experience and enjoying each other was well worth the effort.

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