Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The In and Out Game

  This is the first post in a series entitled "Why Should I Play It Again?" As teachers we all know that children, and adults for that matter, don't always want to play a piece again. They know we are going to try to fix something and it will mean re-learning. I have a game which I suggest before I say anything else.
   "Let's play the in-out game. You play the first line and then you jump out of playing and I come in right where you left off. On the third line you jump back in and play. We will continue this way through the whole piece. The object of the game is to make the piece sound like only one person is playing. Follow the music carefully and prepare to jump in."

This game often fixes irregular rhythm, wrong notes, and incorrect phrasing. I am spared the explanation of what is going wrong and we both have fun playing. I always play it again so that we play the alternative lines as well. Do you do any games with the object of playing the piece again?

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