Monday, January 23, 2012

Tambourine Party

  Group Lessons are around the corner in February. I am having a Tambourine Party for my First Piano Adventures students.

  All the students have played this song and could accompany us as we sing it. So here is the agenda.

Title: Tambourine Party
M.C:Tap, who loves rhythm

Goal: Explore 3/4 and 4/4 Time Signature
          Use rhythm instruments to keep a steady beat
          Review the patterns we have been highlighting
          Let everyone play a piece for each other
          Share cheese sticks bread sticks for a snack

   Sing Tambourine Party with student accompaniment
   Bring out the instrument Box

   Substitute instrument sounds for the words of the instruments within the song
   Assign places on the floor to make a line of music
   Give each student an envelop with paper notes
   You can find these rhythm blocks here.
   Make four measures in 3/4 time then everyone taps that measure with sticks

Do the same with four measures of 4/4 time
Take out the "chunks" of notes we have been reviewing and play "Guess the Pattern"
  (One student plays one of these patterns on the piano and the other students look, listen, and guess.)

Invited: 7 students who are in My First Piano Adventures
It should be fun!!!

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  1. These ideas are great! Thanks for sharing! I'm starting to get ideas of what I can do for my MFPA students!!