Friday, March 9, 2012

Estelle at the Piano

   I have an adult student who I admire. She approached me about having piano lessons and I told her if she could find a piano to practice on I would find a spot for her in my studio. Adult students don't lack desire they just are swamped with life and finding a time during the day to fully concentrate on music is difficult. Mothers are especially vulnerable to losing themselves in the lives of their families. So, I admire the three mothers who are currently taking lessons from me.

     Estelle is especially motivated and hungers for achieving results in her practice. She never fails to amaze me as she learns, not only notes. but fluency in her pieces. She also has a delightful desire to share what she learns. I have seen her volunteer to play in church without fear and this has moved her progress forward. At the root of Estelle's success is a huge love of music, from the classics to pop. She listens and uses music to accompany her life.

   This series has been well received by the adult students I teach. We also hangout at
to find the songs we really want play.

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  1. This is great! I'm so happy Estelle is taking lessons from you, the greatest piano teacher ever!