Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Between A Rock and a Hard Place

   Occasionally, we can find ourselves held hostage to a series of unfortunate events. Summer is an up and down time for piano practice and the lesson following a vacation period can be rough. Combine a reluctant child with a time crunch and you have three people between a rock and hard place.

   There is a child who refuses to come to the piano, a parent who is trying her best to change the mood, and a teacher waiting to see what transpires, all three in very vulnerable places. As the child digs in with more determination, all wait to see if the tipping point will come before the lesson is over. Ninety-nine percent of the time the child complies and the teacher takes over. At that point, improvisation on the black keys is a balm for frazzled nerves. Our child has been fighting the moment of truth when she will undoubtably, in her mind, fail to play her pieces correctly. Having the whole keyboard of blacks to call home she can relax and find the real reason she wants to play piano; to make music.
   Bring some fun into summer lessons by reviewing favorites and when it's time to really work on a piece, play some games.
  Grab a prop, like domino pieces and for every time they play a section of their piece, correctly, they can set another domino. At the end the fun is watching them fall. Happy summer practicing!