Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Middle School Blues

My pack of five have started middle school and we are singing the blues. One hour earlier to start school, way more homework, and sports in the afternoon is causing this malady. When can they practice the piano? Like last year, I have to dig around and find those songs which can capture their hearts. Speaking of hearts, this piece, on, is on the radio and happens to have an easy arrangement. My Faber Level 3A gang are getting this and really enjoying learning the whole six pages, with repeats. It is a girl song so He's A Pirate is an option for those who are more into action than lost love.

    Christina Perri who performs it and co-wrote it started writing songs on the guitar and transferred those chords onto the piano. I like the A minor key with the harmonic G# now and then. The first page is always free to print on